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Missing children. Family disputes. Civil litigation. These are terms that remind us that life has risks and isn't always fair. And while the role of counselors, attorneys and local law enforcement may be important, it is sometimes necessary to retain the services of a qualified private investigator as well. In fact, a good P. I. team can often save you time, money and a good bit of anxiety by helping you determine whether other avenues of action are even necessary.

The quality of our comprehensive personal investigation services is second-to-none. Our references are impeccable. And our success rate is a matter of record. Armed with the facts that our investigators discover, JWI clients enjoy the position of making informed decisions. The bottom line is that when life throws you a curve or your security is threatened, one company you can turn to with confidence is Joe Winter Investigations.


With an impressive track record, Joe Winter Investigations has established itself as the premier investigation team in Southeast Texas. JWI clients are always treated with the utmost respect and all conversations are held in strict confidence.

Life can definitely be uncomfortable at times. Sometimes it can get downright scary. If this is the case right now, then perhaps now would be a good time to give Joe Winter Investigations a call. Or drop us a line by email. We'll be happy to assist you with a free, no-obligation consultation.


Peace of Mind Investigations
Spousal Suspicious Activity Reports
Due Dilligence Inquiries / Asset Searches
Criminal Investigations / White Collar Crime
Database Research and investigations
Forensic Laboratory Services
Domestic Surveillance
Criminal Background Checks
Electronic Counter-measures / Polygraph Examinations / Handwriting Analysis
Child Custody Cases
Runaway Recovery
Child Abduction Cases
Adoption Issues
Divorce and pre-divorce investigations
Drug Testing
Seminal Testing
Criminal Background Checks
Court Testimony
Video Documentation


          In today’s complex business world, due diligence inquiries and asset searches are a must in making informed business decisions, reducing exposure to loss and solving business and legal problems.

Due diligence inquiries are an integral part of business transactions such as acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers and new customer and/or vendor relationships. A due diligence investigation typically involves a detailed examination of all relevant financial, legal, technical, management, ownership and property issues in a planned or on-going business transaction. Due diligence inquiries are usually commissioned (1) to ensure that information made available by one or more parties to another party or parties is in fact true, accurate and complete; (2) to determine if additional undisclosed information exists which should be examined and/or might have significant impact on the planned or on-going business transaction, and (3) to lessen the liability that could accrue from a bad business transaction. A due diligence investigation can also be carried out in after-the-fact instances such as dissolver partnerships and suspected cases of embezzlement in an effort to determine and document wrong-doing and malicious intent on the part of an individual or company. Increasingly, due diligence investigations are also being conducted in preparation for and support of depositions, lawsuits and court cases.

Asset searches tend to exclude legal, technical and management issues and generally focus on identifying ownership and location of real property of value (land, residences, businesses, cars, boats and airplanes) and identifying the existence and location of financial instruments (cash, bank accounts, certificates of deposit, 401 plans, IRA’s, stocks and bonds, and insurance policies) and safety deposit boxes which may contain financial instruments.

Joe Winter Investigations has the resources and is experienced in conducting due diligence inquiries and asset searches on a local, state and national level. In many instances, we can provide or arrange due diligence and asset searches outside of the United States.



            White-collar crime and fraud are often synonymous and are, of course, criminal in nature. In addition to posing a serious threat to the viability and stability of a company or business, internal theft, bribes, kickbacks and embezzlement are hard to detect because they are often intentionally intermingled with and concealed by legitimate business activity. The complex nature of these types of crime requires the deployment of experienced professional investigators skilled in the use of proven investigative techniques. Focused audits, detailed reviews, analyses of audit findings and related company documents, and in-depth personal interviews are the keys to success in developing hard evidence and resolving these types of cases. Identifying and dealing with the perpetrators of these types of crimes is only half of the solution. Joe Winter investigators can make recommendations aimed at preventing a re-occurrence of such crimes and we are available to assist companies and businesses with the implementation of our recommendations and safeguards.
            Criminal investigations also require experienced and professional investigations with an understanding of applicable laws. However, licensed private investigators are not law enforcement officials and, as a result, are not held to the stringent rules that apply to the latter. This gives our investigators a great deal of legal latitude in the conduct of a criminal investigation, the uncovering of evidence, and interviewing of suspects. A completed private investigation of a criminal matter which is supported by evidence and documentation and turned over to law enforcement, can be a legitimate, viable and enforceable case in the court system. At Joe Winter Investigations we maintain liaison relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. These agencies know and respect our investigative work and are willing, on a case-by-case basis, to accept on-going or completed cases from us when arrests are warranted and the case requires action in the judicial system.



            Joe Winter Investigations maintains and subscribes to a series of state-of-the-art database systems and makes use of a number of unique sources of information to identify and match single or multiple identification items with other identifiers. The end result varies depending on the search location and the information being sought. Following herewith are some of the identifiers we can uncover and match:

Social Security Numbers from names and vice versa
Addresses from names and vice versa
Phone numbers from names and addresses and vice versa
License plates from names and addresses and vice versa
Medical histories from names accompanied with DOB and SSNs
Employment histories from names accompanied with DOB and SSNs
Criminal, civil, district & federal court records from names accompanied by DOB
Real property from names accompanied by current addresses and SSNs
Names and addresses from pager number and/or cellular phone numbers
Physical addresses from P.O. Box numbers
Phone tolls from current addresses accompanied by names, addresses and SSNs
Salary information from names accompanied by current employment information and SSNs



            Joe Winter Investigations has its own forensic laboratory that is licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA License No. RJ0127452) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS License No. N0068925). We are the only private investigations company in the Southwest with a licensed forensic laboratory. We use strict scientific evidentiary guidelines, chain of custody procedures and court-qualified forensic scientists. We also maintain an active relationship with a number of scientific associations who can be used to augment our own laboratory efforts or tasked with conducting reviews independent of our own efforts, and who are also available for expert witness testimony. Included among the many services available from our forensic laboratory are:
            · Drug Testing
            · Fingerprint Identification
            · Blood and Urine Analysis
            · DWI Determinations
            · Presence and Identification of Poisons
            · Seminal Residue Detection
            · Auto & Equipment Failure
            · Accident Reconstructions
            · Controlled Substance Determinations
            · Technical Advice
            · Audio Tape Enhancements
            · Independent Experts



            Qualified, trustworthy and dependable employees are essential to the success of any organization. Hiring the best people and not hiring individuals whit a history of problems is the first step in reducing an organization’s exposure to loss and liabilities, and protecting assets. Pre-employment screening and background checks are an essential part of this process. Given the steady rise in negligent hiring claims and the burgeoning epidemic of “employee problems” across the country, pre-employment screening and background checks are a cost-effective method of reducing or preventing company losses and liability. When employee malfeasance occurs, companies often find out too late that there was a documented history of civil or criminal problems that would have eliminated any employment possibility.

            Since 1973, Joe Winter Investigations had been helping corporate management, businesses and individuals hire honest and dependable employees by conducting thorough pre-employment screening and background checks. Applicants are not always what they present themselves to be. The number of job applicants who misrepresent their job qualifications, previous employment, educational credentials, salary histories, and criminal records continues in an upward spiral of deception. As many as three out of every nine job applications and resumes contain significant misrepresentations and distortions.

            Joe Winter Investigations verifies an applicant’s credentials and is experienced in developing other information relevant to the final decision on whether or not to hire an individual. We have the capability to investigate one individual or thousands of applicants from entry-level positions to corporate executives. Our pre-employment screening and background checks can be tailored to a client’s specific needs and made to fit within a client’s budget restraints.

            At Joe Winter Investigations we suggest that employers use the REQUIRE, INQUIRE and ACQUIRE system to screen and hire employees – REQUIRE completed, legible and signed applications, INQUIRE about each applicant’s credentials and work history by having background investigations conducted, and ACQUIRE enough information to make an informed hiring decision.



            Advanced technology, faster means of communication and the uncertain ebb and flow of political events have changed the way the world does business. In the highly competitive nature of today’s business world and the concurrent need for “inside” information, many unscrupulous companies and individuals are prepared to go to any length to obtain such information. As a result many electronic systems and gadgets are now available in the marketplace which can be surreptitiously planted in your business, home or hotel room and which can seriously compromise confidential information, your business and personal plans, and the competitive edge you hold. Joe Winter Investigations  is your resource for Electronic Counter-Measures that can help you combat this very real and serious threat. Our trained personnel use state-of-the-art debugging equipment and techniques to detect and neutralize phone taps, microphones, transmitters, camera and other electronic information collection and surveillance devices.

           Joe Winter Investigations can also arrange for both on and off-site polygraph examinations for clients faced with resolving questions of theft, loyalty and integrity. Polygraph examinations are an effective investigative tool designed to augment on-going investigations.

            Joe Winter Investigations can conduct handwriting analysis in cases of fraud or forgery. Additionally, we have the capability of developing character profiles that are based on an in-depth analysis of an individual’s handwriting.



            It takes a lot for a person to contact an investigation firm in the realm of infidelity. It is a very personal matter. There is a great deal of emotion involved regarding circumstances such as children, community assets, careers, social status and martial futures, just to mention a few. We treat domestic investigations as “Fraud of the Heart.” It is with great passion that we counsel those who call upon us to “look into the matter” for them. “People have a right to know exactly what is going on.”

            It is important to know that the only reason anyone ever hires an investigator is for one specific purpose. Be it an individual or a company, that reason is “To determine the facts so that the client can make an informed decision based on fact!”

           History tells us that 93% of our caller inquires regarding possible infidelity turn out to be just that, infidelity. Once established, we video document the activities, identify the paramour, prepare written documentation in a report format and stand ready to introduce these materials in a family court of law if necessary. Recent changes in the Texas Family Law Codes further underscored the importance of a professional domestic investigation. As one client recently proclaimed, “If you need to know, CALL JOE!"



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